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PM Game "Sea Wolf" version


Especially for the 30th IPMA Congress we have developed a version of the game due to the conference format limits. The game will take no more than one hour to play, but it's enough to catch the main ideas of the ICB4 competence standard, understand their connection with the real project management situations and, of course, GET FUN!

Game board

Game path, all the competences, time and budget (expenses) are placed on one field to save the space and time preparing for the game. There are different tokens, player chips, cube, result form, instructions page. This is all you need to start the fascinating adventure in the world of project management.

Download and be Competent PM!

I'm Competent captain in the Project Management Sea.

I know how to apply my unique knowledge, skills and abilities in order to achieve the desired results.

It is safe to go on a project with me. I  have solid experience and know which competences to apply to deal with risks and to get benefits from opportunities.

Be prepared for exciting business board game!

iOS and Android Mobile Apps are available!

App is developed as free addition to the Project Management board game "Sea Wolf - Competent PM".

This app will help you remember or renew you knowledge about each competence element according to the ICB4 standard.

The application contains short descriptions of 28 competence elements in English and Russian languages. It will help you when you will be playing this game.

Quick guide:

- Install this app;

- Click on the symbol of the Project Management competence element;

- Read it's short description in English or Russian language!

See in this video how engaged are organisers of the 30th IPMA World Congress in Astana during the demo of the special edition of the game.


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