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Meet The Team


We are a team of practitioners with different backgrounds from different industries, who have in common passion for modern methods in Project Management and creating unique learning experience with workshops and games.

We have experience in successful application of various approaches and standards - from IPMA to PMI, from ScrumAlliance to Lean Kanban University, from ISO21500 to ITIL etc.

You can ask us for a separate training or tailor-made solution for your organisation.

Vladimirs Ivanovs



As Agile Coach I focus on mixing experience and knowledge from the past (traditional IT Management, ITIL, Project Management) with contemporary approaches such as Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Management 3.0.
Creating workshops and presenting at conferences, training teams and transforming enterprises.

Phone: +371-291-606-33

Vadim Gimelfarb

Business Advisor, PMP


“ Visualization and associative thinking will help with memorizing competences, but iterative attempts to recognize competences necessary to deal with the real project situations will develop the competence of the players whilst giving a period of time for thoughtful reflection and identification of self directed study. IPMA ICB4 and all 28 competences will be more familiar to every participant after this game.”

Phone: +371-22-013-560

Marija Maijere

Creativity & User Experience expert

“It  was exciting to create a brand new board game that helps Project Managers to learn competence standard in a very attractive, joyful way. It is fun to play, discuss and share your knowledge.

Inventing and designing this game was exciting project as such.”

Phone: +371-29-167-313

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