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PM Game base version


Base version of the game allows playing with different decks of the situation cards and editions of the rules.

Game board

Base game board is a field with a path. While moving along the path with the help of the cube you will run into colored circles and stars. They will trigger different project management situations, which depend on the card deck you are using.

Different decks focus on helping you with knowledge of project management processes, knowledge areas, competences, terminology, practices etc.



During the game you can use unlimited number of situations (depends on the number of decks you purchase) from the real life in project management.

We have situation library from the construction industry, software development, service and product design etc.

Areas of knowledge


You need to recognize different areas of knowledge to successfully deal with the situations you meet during the business game.

Try to determine which areas of knowledge you will need in the specific situation and context.

Ask us if we have something related to PMI, IPMA, Prince2, ISO21500, Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban etc.

Additional roles and cards


To make the game even more interesting and to expand the range of the possible decisions you can introduce additional roles into the game, such as Project manager, External consultants etc.

Want a business game for your organisation?​

We can offer adaptation of the business game field, graphical design, chips, tokens, situation card decks and areas of knowledge to your specific organisation, standards and terminology.


Contact us and we will propose you a solution.

Target audience​

We base our business game and workshop development on frequent feedback from various stakeholder groups.

We have played games with professional project managers and their teams, company executives and department managers, IPMA member association's board members and assessors, trainers and coaches, university professors and lecturers, students and even children.


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